Lover Dreamer Lover Rebel Group (LDLR) was originally comprised of four members, Dee Skillz, Eugenius Neutron, Chris Jay, and No Suh Foster. The group was formed in 2010 and we had a natural chemistry beyond the music. It was finding common ground as people who had a positive vibe and could place that into the music. The message we are trying to say that it’s alright to be yourself. Individualism and free-thinking can give you endless possibilities. Other than that: life, liberation, and love…L’s Up. We are inspired by everyone, from the greats to the “not-so-greats.” They either show you what to do, or what not to do. Our biggest challenge has been trying to stand out when it’s easily convenient for so many people to make music. Honestly, not everyone has a love for the music, but that alone has been the biggest advantage we have with overcoming that challenge. The advice we would you like to give young people striving to build their brand in the music industry is to organize your goals and plan out where you want to go with it. Love the music, then learn the music. It’s a lot of work building your own brand, but anything that comes easy can easily be taken. The work you put in is what you get back.To see more contact us 

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